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Panoramic Padel courses: A new trend for suppliers of outdoor Padel courses

With the increasing popularity and diversification of sports, Padel ball, which combines the characteristics of tennis and table tennis, has gradually been favored by the majority of fans. The panoramic Padel course, as a new type of course design, brings a new experience to this sport.

The panoramic Padel Stadium is designed to create a more natural and comfortable playing environment for players. Although the traditional Padel stadium can also meet the basic needs of the game, the visual experience is often monotonous. The panoramic court integrates the surrounding natural scenery into the court through clever design, so that players can feel a more open vision and comfortable environment when playing.

In the construction of panoramic Padel courses, choosing the right outdoor Padel course supplier is crucial. Excellent suppliers can not only provide high quality pitch materials, but also customize the design according to the customer's needs and site conditions. Such a provider will have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and needs of panoramic courses, so as to provide customers with the most suitable course solutions.

In addition to the basic course materials and design, outdoor Padel course suppliers should also have a sound after-sales service system. This includes regular maintenance of the court equipment, professional training on the use of the court, etc., to ensure the long-term use of the court and the safety of the players.

The construction of the panoramic Padel stadium is not only the performance of the upgrading of sports facilities, but also the emphasis on the experience of athletes. With more and more outdoor Padel course suppliers joining this market, we have reason to believe that Padel sports will have a broader development space and a better competition environment in the future.

panoramic padel court padel court supplier Outdoor Padel Court



Super Panoramic 360° View Padel Tennis Court 10x20m

Court dimension

Inner size 10x20m, side height 4m


Padel artificial turf

Material: latest generation 100% PE curly monofilament,

Pile height: 12mm, color: dark blue, green, or as customized

Density: 80640 stitches per sqm

Backing: double layers

Steel structure

Galvanized steel tube + galvanized steel mesh, electrostatic painting

Tempered glass

Thickness 12mm / 6+6mm /10mm, 18 pcs of 2x3m

LED sport light

200W / 300W LED light, IP66

Padel post with net

Standard padel post with net

Bolts & nuts

Stainless steel, as per drawing


 Super Panoramic Best View Prof4

Steel Frame:

Galvanized steel tube

Electrostatic color painting for colors

Longer service life, easy to install

OEM & customized service.

Steel Mesh:

Galvanized steel tube & wire

Dipped color coating

Diameter 4mm, distance 50*50mm

Safety protection to prevent potential hurts.

Super Panoramic Best View Prof5

Super Panoramic Best View Prof6

Tempered glass:

CE SGCC certificated

12mm/6+6mm/10mm thickness

Safety explosion-proof.

Padel Artificial Turf

Professional PE curly monofilament fiber

12~15mm pile height, high density

5~10 years warranty.

Super Panoramic Best View Prof7

 Super Panoramic Best View Prof8

LED Flood Light

High pressure aluminum material

CE/ROHS certificated

200/300W, IP66.

High quality accessories for installation

Super Panoramic Best View Prof9
Super Panoramic Best View Prof10

Project Case:

001 logo

All types of paddle tennis court:

SPC-001 with C pole LOGO

Super-Panoramic SPC-001

Super Panoramic Best View Prof12

Panoramic PC-001

Super Panoramic Best View Prof13

Standard PC-002

Our Production:


Packaging & Loading

Super Panoramic Best View Prof15
Super Panoramic Best View Prof16
Super Panoramic Best View Prof17
Super Panoramic Best View Prof18
Super Panoramic Best View Prof20
Super Panoramic Best View Prof19
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Cangzhou Haoran Sports equipment Co., LTD, was started in 2020, specializing in manufacturing padel facilities and constructions, with collection of design, development and research, installations cover countries in Europe, America, middle east, Asia, Oceania...High quality is the basis of our company's products, and we are well ···



In 2020, we developed and built the 1st padel court , since then dozens of sets have been exported to different countries.

High quality is the basis of our company's products, and we are well recognized by global customers.


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